Polishing Concrete with The Scarab by WerkMaster

WerkMaster Training Video for Removing Epoxy Paint & Coatings, Polishing Concrete, Densifying and Sealing Concrete with the new Scarab handheld grinder.

Shows how easy to achieve excellent results with a handheld grinder on concrete surface prep, removing Epoxy Coatings, How to Polish Concrete, concrete polishing, densifying and sealing concrete, Tips & Tricks.

See How To fill cracks and pitting using Ultra Densifil densifier and pore filler while protecting the floor with UltraGuard Sealer. This floor has a hardness of 6.5 on the MOHS Scale showing how the Scarab is a great versatile choice for small floor areas, foyers, bathrooms, decks and landings and concrete countertops.

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