4 Step Polishing System

Step 1

Step 1 – Initial Cut & Clean

Remove sealers and contamination using WerkMaster 100 Grit Terrazzo Tooling. This stage also requires densification using WerkMaster ULTRAhard Terrazzo Densifier.

Step 2

Step 2 – Hone & Polish

Use our 200 Grit Terrazzo Tooling to quickly and easily hone and start your initial polish.

Step 3

Step 3 – Terrazzo Polishing

Use our 400 Grit Terrazzo Tooling to give your terrazzo flooring a long-lasting shine.

Step 4

Step 4 – Protect & Beautify

Low maintenance and long lasting beautiful floors that are acid and stain resistant. ULTRAguard sealers ensure a minimum 24-hour stain and etching resistance to acids, wine, coffee, vinegar, mustard and other chemicals, making them an excellent choice for grocery stores, food courts, garages, restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, etc.

WerkMaster - Terrazzo - Step 1
WerkMaster - Terrazzo - Step 3
WerkMaster - Terrazzo - Step 4
WerkMaster DFW - Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance of Terrazzo

When dealing with terrazzo, the use of a pure surface coating (as most floor waxes are) is unnecessary and ordinarily NOT recommended. The terrazzo surface is at least 70% marble or aggregate. Applying a surface coating or wax may decrease the non-slip co-efficient of friction below the standard rating of 0.5.

The marble chips and aggregates (which make up 70% of the terrazzo floor) have very low porosity and do not absorb most staining substances. The portion of the terrazzo that needs protection is the binder, especially Portland Cement, which is porous and will absorb stains. Terrazzo does not need protection from wear, it needs protection from absorption and this is achieved through the use of a penetrating sealer which seals off the pores in the binder.

Download our Expoy Terrazzo Refinishing & Cementitious Terrazzo Refinishing Documents for more information.

Epoxy Terrazzo Cementitious Terrazzo


WerkMaster Densifier

Designed to be applied to surfaces to make them harder, stronger, less permeable, more durable and water resistant.


WerkMaster Sealers

Stain Resistant Sealer/Wear Protector for Concrete, Terrazzo, & VCT Tile floors, walls and other solid surfaces.

WerkMaster Terrazzo System

WerkMaster Terrazzo System

What are the advantages of a WerkMaster over today’s planetary and direct drive machines? If your customers are tired of looking at an undulating floor that gives off uneven light reflection and is harder to maintain, you can now offer them a brilliant completely flat floor.

You can expect a minimum performance benefit of 2 to 1 over traditional equipment with Werkaster machines – grinder, stripper, sanding, burnisher, buffer, polisher and edger. WerkMaster machines get up to 1/8″ of the wall, so you have perfectly polished floors from edge to edge.

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WerkMaster Terrazzo System
WerkMaster - UltraGuard Sealers - Never Wax Again

Never Wax Again

Want to save even more money for your customer? Protect their floors with ULTRAGuard and they will never wax again. Easy to maintain, giving them lower maintenance costs, a slip factor rating of 7 on the James scale, and resistance to acid, vinegar, pop, and all other common acidic and staining products for a minimum of 24 hours without etching.

A much-respected member of the terrazzo industry stated…

“WerkMaster is revolutionizing the terrazzo industry, and I want to be part of that leading wave of technical advancement in terrazzo polishing.”

Whether it is epoxy, poly aspartic, cementitious terrazzo, WerkMaster delivers uncompromising results better and faster than any competitor’s technology.

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