Concrete Profiling, Removal and Dimpling Tool

Bush Hammer Tools

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WerkMaster Bush Hammer tools are available in 6″, 6 3/4″ and 8″ sizes. These tools are designed to knock down high spots on very hard concrete and flatten your floor. They are also used to dimple and create CSP ( 5 and up ) profiles for bonding membranes to structural concrete like bridge decks and parkades.  Unlike grinding with metal bond diamond tools, they fracture the surface to expose the aggregate.

6" BUSHHAMMER with HARD FOAM 002-1585-00
6 3/4" BUSHHAMMER with HARD FOAM 002-1586-00
8" BUSHHAMMER with HARD FOAM 002-1587-00
HD BUSHHAMMER Replacement Wheel w/screws 002-1588-00

DO NOT run Bush Hammers tools over 750 Pad Speed.  Run in a circular motion to knock down high spots and in a straight line configuration for dimpling concrete.

WerkMaster Bush Hammer Video

Achieving a Concrete Surface Profile of 5 or higher without shotblasting is fast and easy with Bush Hammers under a WerkMaster concrete floor grinder. Also quickly removing high spots on a concrete floor. It is worth the the minute it will take to see the results!