Why choose the RASP over the TRIO?

The Rasp offers a unique approach to Hardwood Refinishing

  • All in one – fine sander, edger, buffer
  • Edges to 1/8” of the wall
  • Wood and concrete surface prep – use to remove glues, thinset and coatings
  • Flatten concrete floors
  • SandPaperLess System
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See how the Lagler TRIO compares to the WerkMaster RASP

Fine Sanding Yes
Edges No
Variable Speed No (720 RPM Only)
Concrete Subfloor Prep No
Disassembles for Transport Yes
Heads 3
Voltage 220V

Fine Sanding Yes
Edges Yes (Gets up to 1/8" of the wall)
Variable Speed Yes (Adjustable 400-1160 RPM)
Concrete Subfloor Prep Yes
Disassembles for Transport Yes (Separates into 3 components)
Heads 6
Voltage 110V or 220V