Dust Control DC Tromb 600 Longopac

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The DC Tromb 600 is our most powerful single-phase dust extractor. It is designed to meet modern safety require- ments and to work in conjunction with tools that have become ever more efficient and therefore produce more dust than they have previously.
The maximum airflow is as high as 600 m3/h = 353 cfm, which is more than enough capacity for equipment such as large floor grinders and large electric cut-off saws.
Not only is the DC Tromb 600 compact, powerful and efficient, but it’s versatile too. It is easy to transport around construction sites, move in stair-wells and lift into tight spaces.
The wheels are puncture-proof and won’t leave marks on the floor. The front wheels are lockable for working on uneven ground. The DC Tromb 600 is adapted for all types of fine dust such as concrete (silica), plaster, wood and filler dust.

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