Engineered Hardwood Refinishing System | WerkMaster RASP

The WerkMaster RASP uses state-of-the-art technology to make floor sanding easier. The WerkMaster RASP can be used as an edger sander to refinish hardwood and wood decking in a more convenient manner than traditional machines. This machine enables you to get within 1/8” of the wall, and it’s more cost-effective and faster than traditional machines.

In addition, the WerkMaster Plug ‘N Go full plate tooling system addresses wood floor warranty concerns by providing the correct floor flatness and surface profile prior to wood floor installations. This floor machine provides optimal results when it comes to professional hardwood floor refinishing. Choose the WerkMaster RASP today and request a quote.

The Rasp is an excellent alternative to conventional floor sanding technology. Finishing a typical Engineered Hardwood Floor that usually has a 1/8” (3mm) wear layer with a belt, drum, squarebuff or random orbital floor sander can be a challenging task. Many experienced hardwood refinishing contractors will not attempt to refinish these floors with their current technology. One misstep and they are through the wear layer and are potentially buying the customer a new floor. Watch a drum sander expert describe the challenges of refinishing an engineered hardwood floor.

Refinishing hardwood floors usually requires 4 machines, (especially if staining the floor is required:) – a belt sander, a handheld edger, a multidrive orbital sander and a floor buffer.

So what is the difference between the Rasp and todays hardwood floor restoration technology?

The Rasp is 5 Machines in 1!

The Rasp is a floor sander, edger, multidrive and a buffer. And an added BONUS – it is Perfect for Concrete Surface Prep!

The Rasp features our SandPaperLess Refinishing System that incorporates metal bond diamond abrasive tooling originally designed for removing thinset, mastics and coatings on concrete floors. WerkMaster was the first company to incorporate this technology and over the years we were able to refine the system. It is impervious to the effects of aluminum oxide coatings. Our patented direct drive multi-head design and our Plug & Go Technology allows the Rasp to literally remove the aluminum oxide coating safely and easily without damaging the floor.

The aluminum oxide finish that is on engineered wood floors is extremely hard and quickly dulls regular sandpaper, but not our metal bond diamond abrasive tooling!

And another bonus feature of the Rasp’s SandPaperLess System… Most engineered floors can be finished in 2 to 3 STEPS!

1st Step – 50/60 Grit S-Segs
2nd Step – 60 TurboBraid Pads
3rd Step – 80 Grit TurboFinish Pads
Compare the cost of a Rasp:
Rasp US$6995.00
Add up the average cost of using old technology:

Drum/Belt Sander Edger

Total Outlay:

US$8200.00 US$2300.00 US$6200.00 US$1000.00 US$17,700.00