Gator has counter-rotating heads

Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Polishing, and Prep Machine

Gator has a revolutionary low profile design – gets under 3 ½” kicks

The tool for professional contractors and DIYers.

  • Use under 3 1/2″ kicks, on stairs, floors and hard to get places
  • Edge to 1/8″ of the wall
  • Removes aluminum oxide quickly and easily
  • One machine to blend and refinish edges
  • Multi-disc cutting for rough, intermediate and fine sanding
  • Preps floors for stains and finishes
  • Removes glues and coatings, preps concrete and plywood subfloors
  • Uses SandPaperLess Hardwood Refinishing Tooling System
  • Works with Milwaukee, Metabo and Alpha variable speed polishers
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Watch the Gator in action

Watch this quick overview showing the Gator getting under 3 1/2″ kicks, removing aluminum oxide and sanding the floor to achieve a superior finish.