Hardwood Floor Sanders & Refinishing Systems

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Bottom of Razor with S-Seg Tooling

SandPaperLess System

Introducing our Revolutionary System for Refinishing Engineered Hardwood.

Safely and Easily removes aluminum oxide using one machine from start to finish.


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Bottom of Razor with S-Seg Tooling
Razor Edging

Razor (17″ Footprint)

 Speed and performance on large sq. ft. projects

  • Commercial floor sanding machine and surface prep machine for gymnasiums, public facilities, school, malls
  • Precision hardwood sander edger get you up to 1/8” (3mm) to the wall SandPaperLess Hardwood Refinishing System has multi-disc cutting for rough, intermediate and fine sanding
  • One machine for both field and edge eliminates the need to blend two scratch patterns – no more picture frames when staining
  • Quickly and easily removes thinset, glues, epoxy, and paint from concrete, plywood and other subfloors
  • 5 HP engine runs on 220V 1 or 3 phase, or 110V with adapter
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WerkMaster Rasp Easily removes aluminum oxide coatings

RASP (14″ Footprint)

Use the RASP as an edger sander to refinish hardwood and wood decking faster and more cost-effectively than traditional machines.

Lightweight and maneuverable the RASP quickly disassembles into three parts for easy lifting and transport.

  • Professional Hardwood floor sander
  • Precision hardwood sanding gets you to within 1/8” (3 mm) of the wall
  • ULTRA-FLEX Plug ‘N Go and the SandPaperless Hardwood Refinishing tooling systems are quick and easy to install and change
  • WerkMaster Plug’N Go and full plate tooling addresses wood floor warranty concerns by delivering the correct FF (floor flatness) and CSP (concrete surface profile) rating for your wood floor installations
  • Features 220V 3HP single-phase motor
  • Available with 110V 1.5 HP motor
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WerkMaster Rasp Easily removes aluminum oxide coatings

Count on our hardwood floor sanders and refinishing machines today.

Gator with milwaukee

Gator (Handheld)

Gator has a revolutionary low profile design – gets under 3 ½” kicks

The tool for professional contractors and DIYers.

  • Hand-held concrete grinder
  • Edges to within 1/8” (3mm) of the wall
  • Uses the SandPaperLess Hardwood Refinishing Tooling System
  • 90° head rotation makes it great in small spaces, stairs and under kicks
  • Works with Milwaukee, Metabo and Alpha variable speed polishers
  • Dust control system protects against silica, wood and other dusts
  • Remove glue and coatings and prep concrete and plywood subfloors
  • Full range of 3” (76 mm) diamond abrasive tooling, resins, and buffing pads for all your flooring requirements
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Hardwood Tooling Range

WerkMaster Wood S Segement Tooling

Wood S-Seg

Easily removes aluminum oxide coatings

Cuts hardwood floors evenly with minimal tooling marks

The S-Seg removes staples and small nail heads

WerkMaster Sandpaper Tooling


Premium sanding discs make for consistent cutting

Multi-disc cutting for intermediate and fine sanding

Precision sanding gets you 1/8”(3mm) to the wall

WerkMaster Glue Removal Tooling


Diamond coating is durable and long lasting

Easily removes adhesives from plywood subfloors

Quick change tooling system

WerkMaster Concrete Prep Tooling

Concrete Prep

Cleans and flattens concrete subfloors

Levels surface profile for glue-down installations

Removes contaminates and bond breakers