How to Polish ARDEX PC-T™ Concrete Topping


The process began with using a Propane TITAN XT to remove two layers of carpet glue using our PCD/Shark combo tool, followed by 25 grit Orange HD Single Segs metal bond abrasives.
The floor was leveled and prepared for ARDEX PC-T™.  After waiting three days, the floor was cut using a combination of 30/40 and 80/100 grit Orange HD Single Seg metal bond abrasives. The balance of the steps included WerkMaster’s  proprietary Achromic resins and professional resins.

The floor was densified at 200 grit and completed at 1500 grit. A single coat of concrete sealer was applied and burnished at the end.

Perfect Edges on ARDEX PC-T™ with WerkMaster!

play-ardex-pct-edging-videoWhat makes the WerkMaster Polished Topping System (PTS) unique is it allows the topping to be polished right to the edge. Utilizing WerkMaster’s Patented Octi-Disc Technology results are achieved faster and easier than any planetary system that Ardex has approved to date. WerkMaster’s PTS produces a level of shine that has not been achieved by competitive systems. WerkMaster’s PTS does not require heavy equipment to obtain results. Excellent finishes can be achieved by using various WerkMaster models, from the Raptor XT through to the COLOSSOS XT and the Scarab.


Polished Topping Training

If you are interested in participating in upcoming North American Ardex Certified Training Courses for ARDEX PC-T™ and ARDEX PC-M™ toppings, please reply to Ardex Polishing Information or visit our website where course dates and locations will be posted shortly.