How To Polish MAPEI Ultratop® PC Topping

WerkMaster has engineered a 6 step process to polish MAPEI Ultratop PC® with ease while delivering superior results.

In a space where the existing concrete slab cannot be polished due to the poor condition of the concrete slab or damage from a previous floor covering; polishable overlays are giving consumers the option to retain the look and benefits polished concrete.

WerkMaster-Polishing-Mapei-Ultratop-PC-ToppingInstalling and polishing a concrete overlay requires attention to detail, skilled and knowledgable contractors and machines and tooling technology specifically designed to unlock the look and durability that these high performance floor coverings can offer consumers.

MAPEI Ultratop PC® is a high-flow, quick-setting, self-leveling, cementitious topping optimized for polishing. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, Ultratop PC® is designed to be applied at 3/8″ to 2″ (10 mm to 5 cm) thick and cures quickly for fast-track resurfacing and polishing of concrete floors. Ultratop PC is suitable for applications including high-end residential units, retail stores, warehouses, schools, kitchens, airport hangars and loading docks. Ultratop PC is engineered to provide a thin resurfacing material that is extremely dense, hard and durable so that it is capable of holding a brilliant polish.

 How to Polish MAPEI Ultratop PC®

Substrate Surface Preparation:


Concrete Surface Preparation

Creating a proper concrete surface profile of CSP 3 is important to allow your new concrete topping to bond to the concrete it is going over. Use 16 Grit WerkMaster Metal Bond Tooling to create proper bonding surface.

Priming and Pouring Topping:

Pouring Mapei Ultratop PC

Pouring MAPEI Ultratop PC®

Follow manufactures recommendation for priming and placement of concrete topping. Ensure floor is flat and smooth for good polishing results.

Step 1. Removing Polymer Layer:

Removing Cream Layer

Removing Cream Layer

All concrete toppings will have a polymer(cream) layer that must be removed in order to polish.  Remove polymer(cream) layer with WerkMaster 80 /100 Grit tooling.

Step 2. Honing Topping:

Honing Mapei PC

Honing MAPEI Ultratop PC®

The floor should look consistent and even in color. All low spots must be blended out to remove polymer(cream) layer.  Use WerkMaster Achromic 100 Grit Tooling to remove metal bond tool scratches and hone the floor.

Step 3. Densifying Topping:


Densifying MAPEI Ultratop PC®

Vacuum floor prior to densification. Use WerkMaster Lithium Concrete Densifier to harden surface and prepare for polishing.

Step 4. Polishing Topping:


Polishing MAPEI Ultratop PC®

Use WerkMaster 200 Grit Achromic tooling for final honing and then 200 Grit Professional tooling to begin the polishing. For a High Gloss Polish use WerkMaster 400 Grit Professional Tooling to achieve these results..

Cleaning In-between Polishing Stages:

Cleaning In-between Stages

Cleaning In-between Stages

It is important to clean using WerkMaster Pink Pads to remove small aggregate pop out and insure all previous stage tooling marks have been removed.

Step 5. Sealing the Floor:

Sealing Mapei

Sealing MAPEI Ultratop PC®

Apply specified sealer with a microfiber application pad being careful not to puddle or pool the sealer. Putting down multiple thin coats is import for achieving professional results.

Step 6. Burnishing the Floor:


Burnishing MAPEI Ultratop PC®

Use a WerkMaster Propane Burnisher with High Heat Pads to give the floor a High Gloss Finish.

Polishing Results:

Polishing Results

Gloss Meter Polishing Results

Surface should be reflective and produce high levels of sheen. An average rating of 55 for satin finishes and to 71 for high gloss finsihes should be achieved with WerkMaster Gloss Meter.