WerkMaster Floor Grinders & Polishers

All of our machines get up to 1/8 inch or 3 mm to the wall when refinishing any room, which means you will not need to get on your hands and knees with a small hand tool to refinish the edge of the room! Save up to 40% in labour costs on every job!

Raider XL5

• Auto Sensing Variable Frequency Drive
• Runs on 230V Single Phase or 3 Phase power
• A versatile grinder for use on concrete, stone & terrazzo


  • Gets under 3 ½” kicks & great in small spaces
  • Designed for Engineered Hardwood, Hardwood & Concrete Prep


  • Great in small spaces
  • Removes lippage on terrazo & stone
  • Use on concrete, stone, terrazzo & hardwood

The Edge

  • Edge to within 1/8” (3mm) of the wall
  • Complementary to any planetary floor machine
  • Disassembles for ease of mobilization


  • Specifically designed for hardwood professionals
  • Edge to within 1/8” (3mm) of the wall
  • Disassembles for ease of mobilization
  • 220V or 110V with suitable adapter


  • Professional Machine for Polishing and Cleaning Stone and Terrazzo Floors
  • Disassembles for ease of mobilization
  • 220V or 110V with suitable adapter

Titan XT

  • Auto Sensing Variable Frequency Drive
  • Runs on 230V Single Phase or 3 Phase power
  • Heavy-duty large commercial projects

Colossos XT

  • Auto Sensing Variable Frequency Drive
  • Tri-Voltage 208V/230V/460V – 3 Phase
  • Heavy duty. Use on concrete, stone & terrazzo

Titan XT Propane

  • ClearSKY Technology – Low Emissions
  • Kawasaki 21HP CARB certified engine
  • Heavy-duty large commercial projects

Colossos XT Propane

  • ClearSKY Technology – Low Emissions
  • Kawasaki 25HP CARB certified engine
  • Large 24″ footprint

Colossos XTX

  • 10 Head, 28” Wide Industrial Grinder & Polisher
  • Dual Voltage – 230V/460V
 3 Phase Power
  • Edge to within 1/8” (3mm) of the wall

Magnum XTX Propane

  • 10 Head, 36” Wide Industrial Grinder & Polisher
  • ClearSKY Technology – Low Emissions
  • Kawasaki 31HP CARB certified engine

Floor Grinding, Polishing & Surface Preparation Machines – Used on Concrete, Terrazzo, Stone Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Sanding

WerkMaster Machines are 7 Machines in 1 – Grinder, stripper, sander, buffer, burnisher, polisher and edger. Effectively remove thin set, epoxy, glue, paint, mastic, and micro toppings. Runs wet or dry on concrete, stone, hardwood, terrazzo or VCT tile.

WerkMaster Concrete Floor Grinding, Polishing & Concrete Surface Preparation Machines

Octi-Disc Technology

Our unique Octi-Disc™ 8 head concrete floor grinder provides another major advantage over a concrete planetary grinder – all WerkMaster™ concrete grinders are also edgers, edging to within 1/8 inch (3mm) of the wall.

Up to 40% of all jobs require edging – a huge labor cost.


We introduced the revolutionary new ULTRA-FLEX Plug ‘N Go Tooling System at the World of Concrete 2010. When it comes to concrete floor preparation, WerkMaster™ concrete grinders can not only flatten concrete floors, but can also follow a concrete floor better than any planetary concrete polisher, eliminating the frustration of dealing with deep birdbaths and fishbowls.

How deep? Up to 3/4 inch deep.  No other concrete grinder can grind and polish around drains like a WerkMaster.™

When a concrete floor requires polishing, nothing outshines a WerkMaster.™ Our ULTRA-FLEX Plug ‘N Go technology combined with our advanced concrete polishing tool design delivers uncompromising results faster and easier than any planetary grinder. WerkMaster™ diamond abrasives deliver deep, crisp, clear mirror finishes on concrete and terrazzo floors that are the hallmark of WerkMaster™.

Why is WerkMaster so unique?

WerkMaster’s variable frequency drive (VFD) allows you to dial in your perfect sweet spot from 450 rpm all the way up to 2100 rpm for optimum performance and productivity no matter the concrete hardness or the coating on the floor. It is advisable to always test for hardness using our MOHS hardness test kit.

An additional advantage of our unique variable frequency drive is that you can run the Viper XT  on 220V or 110V power using a Quick 220 voltage converter. The Raptor XT and Titan XT can run on both 220V single phase or 230V 3 phase. The VFD drive automatically senses the power you are plugged into, very helpful in residential and commercial applications. The Colossos XT has a proprietary design allowing you to plug into either 230V 3 phase or 460V 3 phase in North America.

European Customers

For our European customers, the Scarab,  Viper XT and Raptor XT can plug directly into residential or commercial electrical outlets. The Titan XT and Colossos XT are available as 380V 3 phase machines.

No matter what WerkMaster™ concrete grinder you choose to polish concrete floors or whether you are preparing the concrete floor for an epoxy coating, micro-topping,  stain or overlay, you can be confident that you will have a solid, clean and durable concrete floor that you and your customer will be proud of.

WerkMaster Chemicals

Want to protect that beautiful polished concrete floor from oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, phosphoric acid, wine, vinegar, mustard, coffee, pop, battery acid, and other caustic materials for up to 24 hours?

Make sure to ask about our complete line of ULTRAguard concrete sealers and ULTRAhard concrete densifiers.

WerkMaster Propane Burnishers

Enhance the protection and shine as well as maintain your floors with the most advanced, safest Propane Burnisher in the market. From our 21” to 28” high speed Propane Burnishers, our propane buffers feature the lowest maintenance and highest safety features utilizing our ClearSKY Technology exceeding EPA and OSHA safety standards.

WerkMaster 3 Year Warranty

And not only are WerkMaster™ concrete floor preparation and concrete floor polishing equipment the best built in the industry, as all components are manufactured in North America to rigid standards, but we are also the only concrete machine offering a 3 Year Parts & One Year Labor Warranty.

Call today Toll Free 1-866-373-WERK or 1-604-629-8700 and we will be happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your needs.