How to Series: Plug N' Go Plate Magnet Repair

Learn how to repair a magnet on a Werkmaster Plug N’ Go tooling plate.

Steps to repairing a magnet on a Plug N' Go Plate

Step 1

Remove any debris or residual glue from the plate

Step 2

Remove any debris or glue from the magnet

Step 3

Use lacquer thinner to prepare for glue

Step 4

Apply Loctite SF7387 Activator to the magnet slot

Step 5

Apply Loctite AA332 adhesive to the magnet slot

Step 6

Install the magnet into the magnet slot and clean thoroughly

Important note: Glue drying time is 30 minutes for 50% strength, 3 hours for 90% strength

Step 1 of magnet repair
Step 2 of magnet repair
Step 3 of magnet repair
Step 4 of magnet repair
Step 5 of magnet repair
Step 6 of magnet repair