There is a growing demand for safe, easy to use and effective wood deck refinishing systems that sand and restore damaged, curled and bowed wood decks. Pressure washing, chemical stripping, belt sanders and square buff designs are often ineffective when dealing with these types of conditions. Designed for DIY customers, The RASP removes paint, oil or water based stains and finishes from wood decks.
Safely refinish a wood deck in One Day. Using our 40, 60 and 80 grit TurboBrade sanding system The RASP gives you a smooth and ready to stain deck in only 3 steps. The RASP does this all, while edging to within an 1/8 inch of the wall.
The Rasp breaks down into 3 Pieces making it easy to transport. Even fits into a small car.
The RASPS patented technology is also designed to remove cutback carpet glue, mastics, paints, thinset and glued down carpet rubber from wood and concrete floors. Our One Step prep tool is all you need when working on concrete!

WerkMaster’s Exclusive 3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty for the Rental Industry ensures the quality, workmanship, and durability of WerkMaster’s products are able to withstand the wear and tear most rental equipment experiences.

What is The RASP’s Advantage for Your Rental Fleet?

• Initial Cost – $6495.00 US
• The RASP typically rents for $195.00/Day
• ROR – 33 Rental Days!
• Rent 12 Months of the Year – Wood, Hardwood & Concrete Restoration
• Take Advantage of our 3 or 6 Month No Payment Programs!

Fine Sanding Varies
Edges No
Variable Speed No
Concrete Subfloor Prep No
Disassembles for Transport No
Heads single
Voltage Varies

Fine Sanding Yes
Edges Yes (Gets up to 1/8" of the wall)
Variable Speed Yes (Adjustable 400-1160 RPM)
Concrete Subfloor Prep Yes
Disassembles for Transport Yes (Separates into 3 components)
Heads 6
Voltage 110V or 220V