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Browse WerkMaster floor sealers for concrete, terrazzo, and stone. We carry various solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and retail applications. No matter what version of our slip-resistant sealer you seek, count on WerkMaster to provide top-quality sealers at amazing prices.

WerkMaster ULTRAguard
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Use WerkMaster ULTRAguard to seal and protect polished concrete, stone and terrazzo floors. This U.V. stable sealer provides a slip resistant surface that is safe for use in airports, shopping malls and other commercial and residential projects.  Easy to apply and Zero VOC’s.

Stain Protection

Stain Protection

UV Stable

UV Stable

Slip Resistant

Slip Resistant


  • Indoor and outdoor breathable acrylic sealer for all concrete, terrazzo and stone applications where wear, stain and UV protection is required
  • Superior Slip Resistance – James Scale Rating of 0.7
  • Penetrating and topical sealer/polish protectant


  • 500-700 sq/ft per gallon coverage rate
  • Sealer and Surface Wear Protector
  • CFIA Approved
  • SDS (PDF)
  • TDS (PDF)

Part Numbers

  • 006-0130-04 – ULTRAguard sealer 1 quart
  • 006-0152-00 – ULTRAguard sealer 1 gallon
  • 006-0130-01 – ULTRAguard sealer 2.5 gallon
  • 006-0130-00 – ULTRAguard sealer 5 gallon

WerkMaster ULTRAguard Slip Resistance

What is COF or Coefficient Of Friction?

To compute the COF, A technician measures the force required to pull a known weight (properly supported on a “standard grade” shoe leather). The COF is then calculated by dividing the pulling force by this predetermined test weight. As an example, if a 5 pound pulling force was required to move a 10 pound weight across a concrete sidewalk, the COF is 0.5 (5 lbs. divided by 10 lbs.). In the case of non-level surfaces such as ramps, a mathematical adjustment must also be made to correct for the angle involved. Although the procedure to calculate COF is relatively simple, most test apparatus, such as the Horizontal Pull Slipmeter (HPS), simplify this procedure and allow the user to read the COF direct.

A COF of 0.5 is generally accepted as the minimum threshold for a safe walking surface. In other words, a COF lower than 0.5 represents an unsafe condition whereas, a COF of 0.5 or greater is acknowledged as safe. Although the UBC and ADA fail to specify an acceptable value, a minimum acceptable COF of 0.5 has been recognized by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Liberty Mutual, National Bureau of Standards, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). The ADA however, recommends a higher minimum SCOF value of 0.6 for flat surfaces and 0.8 for ramps. In essence, a COF of 0.5 should be considered the minimum value for a safe wet or dry walkway surface.

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Apply multiple coats for increased protection

WerkMaster’s range of environmentally friendly formulations have been developed to eliminate the high maintenance requirements of conventional floor finishes, producing excellent results that protect and enhance the cosmetic appeal of the floor.

Customers are demanding low maintenance, long lasting beautiful floors that are acid and stain resistant. Our formulations ensure minimum 24 hour stain and etching resistance to acids, wine, coffee, vinegar, mustard and other chemicals, making them an excellent choice for grocery stores, food courts, garages, restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, etc.

All WerkMaster hard surface floor care products exceed industry standards for slip resistance. 

Our environmentally friendly products may qualify to earn LEED points under the Indoor Environmental Quality Section for New Construction. 

See why more customers are choosing the WerkMaster ULTRA range of enhancement products to protect their valuable investment and enjoy the benefits of having distinctively beautiful, long lasting, safe, easier to clean and maintain floors.

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WerkMaster ULTRAguard Multiple Coats
ULTRAguard 24 hours of stain protection

Chemical Resistance

A concrete panel was cleaned, etched with HCl solution, and then dried for 24 hours. Three coats of ULTRAguard were brush applied on the concrete panel at an application rate of approximately 800–1000 ft/Gal. The film was allowed to dry four days prior to chemical testing. Spots of acid based liquid were applied, covered with a watch glass, and allowed to stand for 24 hours. Results were evaluated upon removal of the watch glass. There was no damage with the ULTRAguard protectant.

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