Machine Tooling

Tooling Guides

Use our Machine Specific Tooling Guides to find specific tooling for your WerkMaster Machine

Concrete Grinding

Tooling for grinding concrete and surface preparation

Polishing Concrete

Our tooling for polishing concrete floors to achieve your desired finish

Hardwood Refinishing

Tooling for refinishing Engineered Hardwood, Hardwood, Wood Decks, and Subfloors

Epoxy & Paint Removal

Our heavy duty tooling for removing epoxy & paint coatings

Glue & Mastic Removal

Tooling for the removal of glues(adhesives) & mastics

Thinset Removal

Tooling for the removal of thinsets & cementitous toppings

Terrazzo Restoration

Tooling for the restoration and refurbishment of terrazzo

Stone Refurbishing

Tooling for the restoration and refurbishment of stone

Concrete Surface Profile

Tooling for achieving specific concrete roughness – Concrete Surface Profile (CSP)

Scrubbing & Buffing Pads

Scrubbing & Buffing Pads for Werkmaster Machines

Diamond abrasive tooling for grinding and polishing concrete, terrazzo, stone & hardwood surfaces

Our diamond abrasive tooling is designed specifically for WerkMaster Machines. Effectively remove thin set, epoxy, glue, paint, mastic, and micro toppings. Run wet or dry on concrete, stone, hardwood, terrazzo or VCT tile.


Our new patent pending ULTRA-FLEX Plug ‘N Go Tooling System is a major advancement in diamond abrasive tooling design. The challenge was to develop a system that would allow WerkMaster machines to not only flatten a floor but to also follow a very wavy, uneven floor using the same tools and drive plates on all floor surfaces.

The result was an ingenious system that uses various hardness rubber grommets, bumpers and INDEXING. No need to add heavy weights, simply increase or reduce point pressure by easily adding or removing Plug ‘N Go segments.

You can vary the desired flexibility allowing you to flatten or follow the floor better than any planetary grinder or hardwood belt sander. How wavy? Remove deep birdbaths or fishbowls up to ¾ inch deep. Grind and polish around drains. Plug ‘N Go technology also eliminates the frustration and pain of dealing with lippage, expansion joints, large cracks, and curled wood floors or decks.

Plug ‘N Go significantly improves performance, production and results on polished concrete, wood floors and  decks, terrazzo, stone, marble, granite, travertine, and limestone floors, exposed aggregate and spalled concrete. Use the Plug ‘N Go tooling system on carports, driveways, basements, garages, pool areas; and on residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

When you need to do surface preparation, no planetary or direct drive grinder can outperform a WerkMaster for removing epoxy, cutback carpet glue, paint, VCT tile glue, thin set, mastic, overlays, micro toppings or prepping anvil top concrete.

US Patent No. 7,458,883 –  European Patent No. 1813383